NACS: 50 Years
Time to Celebrate!

Celebrating 50 years of accomplishments in convenience and fuel retailing.

CONVENIENCE STORES draw their roots back to the corner ice shop that stayed open late and grew after people realized the need to buy basic necessities like bread, eggs and milk after grocery stores were closed. Over the past five decades, NACS has been an integral part of the convenience store industry and will be marking its 50th anniversary on August 14, 2011.
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During the 1970s the NACS Show — still known as the NACS Annual Meeting — was steadily becoming the industry's must-attend event. In 1970, 1,109 attended; 1979 attendance had more than doubled to 2,812. The expo was first added in 1976, dubbed the "Education and Equipment Show." Today, there are nearly 22,000 attendees.

Cabana exhibits were successfully tested as part of an Equipment Exhibit at the 1973 NACS annual meeting, but the first real expo was three years later at the annual meeting in Atlanta. This expo took up 20,000 net square feet. Beginning 1984, the schedule was changed from every three years to every two. As its popularity grew, the expo became annual event, which was renamed “The NACS Show.”

Visit to register for this year’s NACS Show – the 50th annual NACS meeting.

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